Who Are We & Our Goals 

Who Are We?

AbilityPool is a digital platform that enables companies to manage volunteering experiences by discovering the different abilities of their own employees. On this platform, we bring members of a company together with volunteering projects, which are created by Non-Governmental Organizations or members of the company. The users may choose a project fitting their abilities, interests, time schedules, etc. AbilityPool is within Zorlu Holding.

Our Goals

In a world of inequalities and struggles, our primary goal is to help those in need and create social impact. Despite increasing demands of employees and individuals to create social meaning, we realized that there weren't any adequate platforms to manage such activities. Our goal is to create a social impact on both the lives of the employees and those we help with our projects, and provide an easy-to-use platform for companies to manage the demands and volunteering activities of their employees with a private social platform.

Joint Projects With Different Companies